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4-Kan. Lichtcontroller

4-Kan. Lichtcontroller

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4-Kan. Lichtcontroller

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A compact and functional 3/4 Channel lighting controller. By only allowing 1 channel to be illuminated at any one time this controller can handle up to 1000W (resistive) per channel and works on a 1 2 3 4 basis. The product features 2 power outputs (via 2 x 7 pin IEC sockets) for easy connection, LED mimic, Internal switch for 3 or 4 channel function, internal microphone for sound activation, speed control pot, sound level control pot and is supplied in an attractive and robust metal case.
Colour Black
Power Input 230ac @50HZ
Maximum Inductive Load 600W
Maximum Resistive Load 1000W
Total Load 5A
Packing Box
Outputs 2 x 7 Pin IEC
Control Style Sound activation